Whirlpool Appliance Parts

If you own a Whirlpool Appliance and you need parts you have got the right place. We supply all oem parts for this brand. We are a well rounded company to the rescue for the “do it yourself” people.
We know how expensive it could be for a repairman so we designed this company for low price guaranteed parts. Even know we offer jobs for the appliance repair industry we have the ability to give great prices for all appliance parts and help those who want the knowledge and save their hard earned cash. These appliance parts are usually universal for these brands:

Kitchen Aid

As well as the merge with Maytag whirlpool appliance repair pasadena. With us at your side you not only have saved money but you have gained knowledge to repair your appliance and install new parts. We only sell new appliance parts. Why not sell used appliance parts. The reason we dont sell used appliance parts is because we have negotiated great discounts with suppliers, and we would be back at step one with searching for a new appliance part. Used appliance parts usually have a great amount of wear and tear.

Also we recommend this brand because of their knowledge and the way they designed their appliance and parts they continue to have great service and quality appliance parts.

We have a strict return policy for all appliance parts. Only for the fact that some appliance parts could have been put on and have wear and tear or the electronic parts could have been fried.

So please keep us in mind for all your appliance parts and just know we were once in your shoes and know how much of a struggle it could be to fix your appliance with new parts.

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